We are a mid-sized factory so it is difficult for us to produce small orders as the economics don’t make sense for us. 

Looking for a reputable clothing manufacturer?

Be prepared for some garment development upfront costs including:

  1. 1st Pattern Mockup
  2. Cut & Sew Sample
  3. Fitting & Resizing
  4. Grading / Marker
  5. Pattern Corrections
  6. And other additional fees may apply


  1. What type of clothing or garment are you interested in? 
  2. Your Name and Address /Country 
  3. Rough specs – Length and Width, etc.
  4. Quantity?  1000+ or higher is the norm for our standard orders
  5. Art file if you have it – always helpful in giving you the sharpest price if we can view some sort of art. We also provide designing services.
  6. Reference material?  Trying to match something? images of products you like or a physical sample, etc.?
  7. Do you have a sample that you would like us to recreate? Perfect please mail them over. Depending on the construction it will cost $500 for a preproduction sample.
  8. Do you have tech packs? Patterns? Perfect send them over! If you don’t it’s okay! We can build that for you. It will cost $500 for these digital files along with the source file.

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